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30+ Years Of Successful Placer Mining Around The Globe

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New wash plants to mine Gold, Diamonds, or Sapphires. Built in USA using Bear Creek Placer, LLC proven mining technology. Get more information on your custom wash plant now.

Built to order, specific mining equipment, such as floating plant or dredge, sluice boxes, distributor box, hydraulic riffles or concentrators. Request information today.

USA mining equipment, manufactured to your specs. Learn more here.

Alluvial Exploration & Mining Consulting

Bear Creek Placer, LLC
Rob Towner and Les Towner have been mining Gold, Diamonds, and Sapphires for over 30 years. Their placer mining operations, using custom designed mineral recovery systems, have taken them around the globe. They provide placer mining consulting services to both large scale mining operations, as well as, smaller - localized projects, along with manufacturing wash plants, sluice boxes, and hydraulic riffles. Rob was selected to participate in Lost Treasure Hunters, produced by The Animal Planet, on a diamond mining project in India.

Wash Plant Manufacturing

We partner with Yanke Machine Shop, Inc. to provide high performance, affordable wash plants. Each wash plant is designed with off the shelf components to handle various tonnage of material. Each plant can be built to your custom specifications depending on the environment criteria of your mine.

These plants are particularly versatile, robust, and economical for medium and large scale alluvial mining operations. Well suited for production and exploration whether stationary or mobile. They are completely self contained. Their mobility is specially suited to move up and down the alluvial deposit. These plants are virtually "plug and play", minimal assembly required and they can be shipped overseas in a standard sea container. (Receive More Information)
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They are designed for commercial mining, are simple to operate, and are low maintenance. Receive more info when you submit a request - click here.

Great interview of Rob on a Bear Creek Placer, LLC mine in 2011. He is talking about how he will mine this specific property and why.

gold mining, placer mining
Gold mining is absolute fun, the real American adventure ...there is nothing like it.
Rob Towner

This video below was taken in 2012 on a Bear Creek Placer LLC gold mine. It shows how getting 'er done and putting rock in the box.

What Clients Are Saying .....

gold wash plant, mining cosulting
"Rob, we are very satisfied with the wash plant you have provided. It's a robust solution and doing an excellent job extracting the minerals we are targeting. Your knowledge in assisting us in the setup and tips on the property layout have proven to be useful in our operations."
Jim Engdahl, CEO, Star Uranium Corp.

pile of gold, allulival mining consulting
"Montana Tech, said you where the Yoda of this gold stuff. My brother and I got a 100 acre gold claim......"
Rod, Montana

bering sea gold, allulival mining consulting
"You and Les are top shelf. Thanks for all your help. I like how you guys operate."
John, Bering Sea

ounce of gold, allulival mining consulting
"I have had Rob assist me on a number of occasions with my gold mining. When nobody else can fix it or figure it out, Rob jumps in and seems to put it all together
so that what is stopped or busted starts working. I would never have got my wash plant at my mine working without his help. He knows how to keep the pay dirt being processed in the plant. I have seen him build stuff and weld stuff to get something fixed that seemed impossible but he gets 'er done just fine. Rob can read the ground like no one I have ever seen, he has thousand of ounces under his belt and my experiences with him show it. He has helped me setup my mine and plant in many different regards. I consider myself lucky I ran into Rob."
Jack, Montana

gold wash plant, allulival mining consulting
"Our company engaged Rob Towner to do the final setup and complete the wash circuit of our pilot plant to begin a feasibility study of an ancient mining district gold concession
in Mexico, in order to construct a full scale modern mining operation that will eventually run 4000-5000 tonnes per day or pay ore. Rob is without question one of the most knowledgeable, and talented miners on the planet. His experience and know-how benefited our mining team tremendously and he worked right along side our crew. His work ethics are as high as I have ever seen and he gets the job done. We were right on schedule, never missed completing the days work and finished on budget and on time. 
Many thanks Rob, you're our favorite Montana Mining Gringo.
Best wishes from our mine to yours,"

Merv, Mexico

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